N.Y. Delegates Ready to Enjoy Convention

New York delegates at the Republican National Convention are finding things to do in Minnesota other than convention business. RNC officials curtailed today's schedule because of Hurricane Gustav's threat to the Gulf Coast. Rochester delegate Mike Snowdon says he's been waiting all his life to attend a GOP convention, and he doesn't want the storm to disrupt it.

SNOWDON: It's nice that George Bush is gonna be on top of it this time. It's nice that McCain said, "I'll go sandbag." But hey, it's a fact of life. Weather happens. Let us have our convention, you have your storm.

REPORTER: Snowdon is a home contractor who drove from Rochester to St. Paul for the convention. He hopes to pay for the trip by selling some of his historic campaign buttons.

Other New York delegates are spending time today volunteering at a Minneapolis soup kitchen. And some are visiting the Minnesota State Fair.