Steel Raised for 9/11 Memorial

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Nine days before the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attack that destroyed the World Trade Center, construction workers raised the first piece of steel for the Sept. 11 memorial.

WNYC's Matthew Schuerman was there.

REPORTER: For a milestone at Ground Zero, this one had less pomp and circumstance than most. There were no speeches and no ribbons to cut.

At the bottom of the seven-story deep pit, a construction crane lifted a 25-foot, rust piece of steel with an American flag attached. a crew of construction workers guided it into place and secured it on top of the bedrock.

The steel column and hundreds of others like it will support an 8-acre plaza with grass and trees. In the middle of the plaza, the square footprints of the twin towers will be marked with waterfalls that will send water 30 feet down into reflecting pools below them.

For WNYC, I'm Matthew Schuerman.

HOST: The memorial plaza is supposed to be finished by the 10th anniversary of the attacks in 2011. A 9/11 museum is expected to open a year later.