City Kids Head Back to School

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Class is back in session for more than a million New York City public school students. Atara James is among the thousands of parents who dropped their children off at school for the first day today.

Standing with her two children outside of P.S. 62 in the Bronx, James says she's more than ready for the school year.

ATARA JAMES: Oh, I'm very glad they're back at school. I have like seven of them so you know to get rid of a few of them during the day is good.

REPORTER: One of Atara's two daughters, Kayla James, says she's ALSO happy to get back to school.

KAYLA JAMES: Sometimes I don't have books to read and sometimes I miss my teacher and I'm happy I'm going into third grade....

REPORTER: Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Joel Klein visited P.S. 62, where they told fifth graders they want to build on rising test scores and graduation rates.

Later, to reporters, Bloomberg says he believes lawmakers in Albany will renew the law giving the mayor control of the city's schools. It expires in December, 2009. Several of his allies have formed a new lobbying group aimed at retaining mayoral control.

Officials say they hope to build on rising test scores and improving graduation rates this year.