Local Police Arrest RNC Protestors

After several thousand peaceful protesters marched from Minnesota's state capital to the site of the Republican National Convention, small gangs of young people went on a rampage.

The cat and mouse game between self-styled young anarchists and police first started as the massive peace march of 10,000 drew to a close. Turned-over garbage cans escalated to broken storefront windows, vandalized police cars and the setting of a fire. Police report a brick was thrown through the window of a bus belonging to the Alabama delegation. To quell the flare ups, police used mounted units, tear gas and pepper spray. All told, 130 people were charged with felonies and another 120 with other crimes. Pacifica Radio Talk Show Host Amy Goodman was among those arrested but was released after three hours.

Protest groups involved in yesterday's demonstrations say they were successful despite the police presence. Some of them plan to denounce police brutality at a press conference this morning where they will discuss plans for continuing protests. A group of truckers called "the American Driver" is planning a parade to protest high fuel prices later today.