Pataki Backs McCain, Palin

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New York's former governor, George Pataki, took a shot at Barack Obama and bolstered support for the McCain-Palin ticket, during a breakfast with the Ohio delegation. Reporter Karen DeWitt has more from the Republican National Convention.

DEWITT: Pataki told the Ohio delegates that McCain and V.P. candidate Sarah Palin are the true agents of change in the races, not Barack Obama. He derided speech to thousands of Germans in Berlin earlier this summer.

PATAKI: We don't need citizen of world as the next president of the United States; we need an American hero and an American patriot who understands the needs of the country, and that is Sen. John McCain.

DEWITT: And Pataki says Palin is more qualified than Obama, since she was governor and he’s been a senator. And Pataki says he should know, because he says he learned more about governing in the first four days as head of the executive branch than he did in all of his years as a legislator.

In St. Paul, I'm Karen Dewitt.