Councilman Drafts Bill to Extend Term Limits

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After weeks of hypothetical discussions about repealing term limits, a New York City lawmaker is getting the ball rolling. Bronx councilman Oliver Koppell has asked lawyers to draft a bill that would extend the current two terms to three. He says, as it stands, the mayor and Council members get distracted during the second term.

KOPPELL: For the last four years everybody is looking for the next job. they are no longer really focused on the job they are doing. They are looking to run for the next job whatever it is in the private or public sector. I see it now I see it in the Council.

REPORTER: Koppell says limiting the mayor and council members to eight years in office gives too much power to city managers and lobbyists, who have no term limits.

For weeks, there's been speculation about Mayor Bloomberg seeking a third term, after published reports said he floated a trial balloon about it with newspaper publishers.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has not weighed in on such a repeal.

Dick Dadey, with the good government group Citizens Union says a voter referendum is the only way to ethically reverse term limits.