City Launches 9/11 Health Campaign

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Seven years after the 9/11 attacks, the city is launching a new effort to reach more people who may be sick from toxic debris. City officials say there could be tens of thousands of people who need to be treated for effects ranging from respiratory problems such as asthma to post traumatic stress disorder. Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler says officials are also working to pass federal legislation that would reopen the victim's compensation fund. He says people who are sick and suffering shouldn't have to wait for a court to give them what they deserve.

SKYLER: We all know who is responsible for the attacks of 9-11 and we should be compensating the victims that are still hurting from that tragedy just we did from the ones from the earlier part of the find

REPORTER: A new $5 million ad campaign will start next week in several languages to urge members of the public to seek treatment for health problems. City health officials say they're currently treating more than 10,000 people for 9/11 health effects.