Local Republicans Cheer on McCain

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As John McCain accepted the GOP presidential nomination last night, more than 150 New Yorkers gathered to listen at the Metropolitan Republican Club on the Upper East Side.

There were lots of McCain signs, and one booster wore a T-shirt that read, "Thank you President Bush." Robert Price of Harlem was optimistic as he left the town house on East 83 Street.

PRICE: I'm a supporter of John McCain. I got a gut feeling about him.

REPORTER: Bob Morgan, president of the club, said McCain's speech was not as detailed as it could have been.

MORGAN: Maybe Mr. Obama is going say it was a little light on specific policy proposals, but I'm sure Mr. McCain is going to flesh this out in the days to come.

REPORTER: Many of the people gathered appeared to be long time party activists. John Chromczak, a lower Manhattan resident, is running for the state senate.

CHROMCZAK: As someone in New York City, I don't think I need to worry about who's going to answer that phone call at 3:00 in the morning. I think John McCain has shown his strength, his resolve and his dedication to this country.

REPORTER: William Palumbo, a board member of the Young Republicans in New York, says he's very happy about McCain's nomination. Paulubmo says he'll be volunteering for the campaign.

PALUMBO: I thought a part that really resonated with me was McCain's focus on country first, I think that's something that's been lacking for a long time. I think people are focused on what can the government do for me and instead of what can I do for my country. It's a little JFK like and maybe that's something you don't expect to hear from a Republican, but it's definitely a refreshing message.

REPORTER: To hear any of the speeches from the Republican or Democratic conventions, go to the vote 2008 page at WNYC.org.