Former Reality TV Star Courts Young Voters

New York voters are set to go to the polls in primary elections tomorrow. In Brooklyn, writer and activist Kevin Powell, who first made a name for himself on the MTV's The Real World, is running for Congress against Representative Ed Towns.

Campaigning in East New York yesterday, Powell said his tough upbringing and run-ins with the law help him connect with younger voters in the district.

POWELL: They'll say things like, you know man, you don't understand my life. I'll say do you have a father, they'll say no, I'll say I don't have a father either. You ever been arrested? Yes, well I've been arrested too. You find those kind of connection points and what I say to them - you don't have to get stuck in that situation.

REPORTER: Powell says there is much greater interest from young voters this year because of Barack Obama's candidacy. A spokesperson for Towns said the congressman is unlikely to face much of a challenge this time because Powell is not an elected official, whereas in 2006 Towns faced Councilman Charles Barron and Assemblyman Roger Green.