Heavy Security Expected For Candidates Appearances

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city is still working out logistics for this Thursday's visit from presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain. The candidates have pledged to suspend campaigning while they take part in September 11th ceremonies. The Mayor says that's a good idea.

BLOOMBERG: I think the most appropriate thing would be to do something together and I'd be honored to be there and would expect to be. But it's partially up to the two of them. I think neither wants to get in a situation where the media takes over and it just looks like a campaign event, that's not what they're trying to do.

REPORTER: The mayor has yet to endorse either candidate for president.

As for security on Thursday, Bloomberg says people can expect to see a heavy police presence for the presidential candidates, including undercover officers.

He says police have been monitoring Web sites and sharing information with intelligence services around the world.

The mayor says as far as he knows, there are no known threats to Sens. McCain and Obama.