New Jersey Looks Back on September 11th

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While New York City was truly Ground Zero for the September 11th attacks the impact radiated across the Hudson to New Jersey and throughout the metro region. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has this report on the view from New Jersey seven years later.

REPORTER: For many New Jersey residents the 9-11 trauma hit home when they realized at the end of the day that scores of cars parked at their local New Jersey train stations belonged to commuters who were never coming back. In all close to 700 of the World Trade Center victims were from the Garden state. Flanders resident Sharon Hausman says the loss hit her local church.

HAUSMAN: We had a couple of families that were effected. there was one dad who never came home and I knew his wife and they had two small children so that was very difficult.

REPORTER: Tonight the City of Hoboken, which lost 57 residents that day, is hold an Interfaith Memorial Service at the Pier A Park. Down in Monmouth County's Middletown Township there's a wreath laying ceremony and walk through the town's World Trade Center Memorial built to honor the 37 township residents who lost their lives.

For WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.