Muted Optimism Outside Lehman Brothers

The mood outside Lehman Brothers today was more optimistic than you might expect. Carmine Visone is a managing director and has worked at the investment bank for more than 35 years.

REPORTER: He says he had a great run at Lehman, and that he'll survive, as will many others.

VISONE: We didn't get here 158 years being bad, evil, stupid people. I've been here my entire adult life, and there's a great group of people up there and once they get their way back into the system, they're going to add value to a lot of other places.

REPORTER: Several people left Lehman's headquarters this morning with boxes and suitcases. Many said there were more questions than answers about the future of the company. They also said they were hearing most of Lehman's news through the media.

Stocks are taking a pounding today as investors ponder Lehman's demise and Merrill Lynch's takeover.