Good Bye Tappan Zee

The project will take $16 billion to complete, and could add space for express buses and commuter trains.

State Transportation Commissioner Astrid Glynn says it's a better deal because repairing the current bridge, wouldn't save much money, if any.

GLYNN: What we have said after looking at it in great detail is that to meet the need that we have identified to fix it would probably still mean that replacing 80 percent of it.

REPORTER: Glynn says adding lanes for mass transit will also ease congestion and improve the environment.

The department will begin studying how it will pay for project, one option may be to enlist private investors to build the bridge in return for collecting tolls from drivers.

It will be another two years while the department considers design alternatives and performs the environmental impact review.

Then, several years later, they will begin the actual construction.

The Tappan Zee, located 10 miles north of New York City, connects Rockland County commuters with New York City.