A Disappointing Send Off for Shea

Fans left Shea Stadium for the last time yesterday, dejected over the Mets' second straight last-day-of-the-season season-ending-loss, but they were also wistful for the team's finer moments at the stadium.

At the top of the list was the 1986 World Series championship. Bobby Fischetti took some credit for rallying fans in Game 7.

FISCHETTI: And I stood up in front of the crowd and just went, like, "Hrrrgh!" And everybody would look at me and go, "Hrrrgh!" I went around the whole stadium. By then, we had the rally and we obviously won the game.

REPORTER: Fischetti said he also helped by making an effigy of a Red Sox player and hanging it with a noose.

After yesterday's post-game ceremony lots of fans lingered and took cellphone pictures of the stadium. Victoria Cole said she'll miss the enormous neon figures of players that mark Shea's exterior.

COLE: Because you can see it even when you're leaving out of LaGuardia or something, you can see it at night, you know, "That's Shea Stadium!" But now there's not going to be a Shea Stadium so it's kind of sad.

REPORTER: Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, and Mike Piazza were among the old time Mets on hand to close the stadium, along with mascot, Mr. Met.