New Yorkers React to V.P. Debate

People gathered in groups large and small to watch the Palin-Biden showdown last night.

Twenty-six-year-old Paul Banister thought Sarah Palin held her own.

PALIN: I actually think she didn't have a lot of specifics but she didn't fail. I had a lot of people texting me, saying, "Oh, this is terrible." But I actually thought she's not doing awful. I don't think she convinced anybody of anything, but she didn't make a fool of herself. As sad as it may sound, that's pretty much all she had to do tonight.

REPORTER: Banister watched the debate with friends at Electric Lady Studios, a music studio in the Village founded by Jimi Hendrix.

Twenty-four-year-old Alice Forbe Spear watched the debate with more than a dozen friends at an apartment on First Street. She says the event was thoroughly disappointing because neither candidate gave concrete answers. She didn't even like the post-game show.

SPEAR: The commentary after the debate was almost exclusively on their style, and the personal anecdotes and there was nobody pointing out even there, hey this wasn't a substantial policy discussion, this was a complete light-weight event.

REPORTER: Next week, the John McCain and Barack Obama will take to the stage again for the second presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.