Term Limits Critics Slam Inside Dealings

Mayor Bloomberg has a reluctant supporter in fellow billionaire Ronald Lauder, the original proponent of the city's term limits law. Lauder says he'll accept a term limit extension for Mayor Bloomberg on this one occasion because of the critical financial issues the city is facing.

But Dick Dadey of Citizens Union says there's growing opposition to the insider deal being constructed at City Hall.

DADEY: It's a disappointment to see Mr. Lauder agree to have the council and the mayor decide how to amend term limits as opposed to the voters.

REPORTER: Citizens Union is considering a lawsuit to make sure voters decide on term limits.

For his part, Lauder says his support for the repeal is not permanent. He says he plans to serve on the Charter Revision Commission that will put the issue of term limits before voters in 2010. Lauder says he'll "vigorously support" a return to two terms.