Mayor Evasive on Term Limits

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Mayor Bloomberg is attempting to distance himself from the effort he set in motion to repeal term limits through the City Council. When asked directly by reporters when he first came to the decision to try and override the term limits twice endorsed by voters, the mayor was evasive.

BLOOMBERG: I have absolutely no recollection when I thought, when I was going to do...look the City Council. I have said, "If they pass it, I will sign it."

REPORTER: Mayor Bloomberg was on Governors Island today to start the demolition of military housing to make way for a new waterfront promenade. When the mayor returned by ferry to Manhattan, he was met by tourists waiting to go to Governors Island. They spontaneously broke into a chant of "four more years, four more years." And there were a few boos. Public hearings on the controversial term limits measure are next Thursday and Friday, and a final vote could come as early as October 23rd.