Many Council Members Undecided Over Term Limits

Now that Council Speaker Christine Quinn has publicly announced her support for legislation that would repeal the city's term limits law, some good government groups are speaking out against her. Citizens Union director Dick Dadey says the legislation has tepid support in the council, as several freshmen council members are undecided.

DADEY: I think it's unclear right now where the votes are for this because the situation is so fluid that I think a number of councilmen are waiting for the ground to stabilize before taking a position and standing up on this issue.

REPORTER: So far, 18 of the council's 51 members have stated they strongly oppose the council overturning the term limits law, which limits elected officials to two terms. They cite two previous referendums in which voters overwhelmingly supported the law, and they accuse the mayor of making "back room deals" to push his term limits measure through the council.