Rutgers Takes Pulse of Asian American Voters

Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing segments of the national electorate and have a significant political presence in the New York-New Jersey area, according to a new Rutgers study.

The report's co-author Jane Junn says even though roughly 80 percent of the adults in the Asian American community are foreign born, many enter the U.S. on employment visas, putting them in a higher income, and professional skill set that drives their political behavior.

Junn says they share many of the same concerns as the majority of the electorate, with one exception.

JUNN: Whether that concerns undocumented migration or the issuance of visas and lawful permanent residence on the basis of employment characteristics or family unification.

REPORTER: The Rutgers report is the first ever study of likely Asian American voters in our metropolitan area. It found that 41 percent support Senator Barack Obama, while 24 percent support Senator John McCain. Another 34 percent say they're still undecided.

Junn says there isn't much information to compare their study to. She says this one was successful because researchers conducted it on 8 different languages.