Term Limit Debate Heats Up Ahead of Public Hearing

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Whether or not to extend term limits will come down to a few votes in the City Council. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has more on efforts to sway the undecided council members.

REPORTER: Opponents of the mayor's term limit repeal say they now have 19 members rejecting his legislative reform, just seven votes shy of what they need to stop him. Mayor Bloomberg had little patience for a question alleging that his administration was pressuring Council members to see things his way.

BLOOMBERG: I am not here to debate you. Ask your question. I'll answer your question. (Unidentified reporter: You are using the carrot and stick method to get people to do what you want.) When you get done with your speech let us know. You can write it out when ever you have a question I'd be happy to answer it.

REPORTER: He defended to reporters the way his staff and Council Speaker Christine Quinn are working to get the measure passed. With public hearings scheduled for Thursday and Friday, both sides of the term limits battle are treating each day like the last leg of a general election campaign with dueling press events and spin. For WNYC, I am Bob Hennelly.