One Step Closer to Development at Willets Point

The city has convinced three more landowners to sell or trade their land at Willets Point, Queens, to make way for a massive redevelopment of the area. Deputy mayor Bob Lieber said at a City Council hearing today, there are more deals in the works.

REPORTER: He accused some landowners of intentionally dragging out negotiations, so it would seem the city hadn't made much progress.

LIEBER: I know that the land owners who are sitting here in the room today are fighting us even to make deals this week. They want to make sure that when we sit in front of you here today, that we have deals that we cannot announce.

REPORTER: Counting the agreements announced today, the city controls a third of Willets Point's 62 acres. Lieber says the city is in talks to acquire another third of the land.

One Willets Point business owner who has yet to make deal with the city says property transactions are complex, and no one is intentionally stalling negotiations with the city.