Mayor Says Willets Point Landowners Holding Up Redevelopment

The Bloomberg administration says landowners at Willets Point, Queens, are intentionally stalling negotiations to sell their property.

REPORTER: At a city council hearing Friday, Deputy Mayor Bob Lieber said opponents postponed closing their deals this week to make it look as if the city had not made much progress on the urban renewal project. But Dan Scully denies that. He runs a waste management company at Willets Point.

SCULLY: We've told them what we want. We've made suggestions. But we've hear from them, gee, we don't have enough money. Or gee, we can't move you to this location because there are problems over there.

REPORTER: 66 Willets Point landowners have not agreed to make way for a mixed-use development Mayor Bloombreg first proposed in 2002.

Deputy Mayor Lieber says three more owners have finalized deals with the city, bringing the total to eight.