Dangerous Baseball Caps

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The Consumer Affairs and Public Safety Committees held a joint hearing on the matter. Council member Peter Vallone Junior says the companies are exploiting a culture of violence for profit.

VALLONE: We have speak with our wallets, so we have to not buy the stuff number 1, and we need to talk to the companies like major league baseball who have contracts with these companies, and tell them sever the contracts. Show them that it's going to hurt them in their wallet if they continue to endanger our youth.

REPORTER: Last December, another council member, Leroy Comrie, said his office investigated several companies that sell ball caps, and found them promoting gang symbols on their merchandise.

The companies include the New Era Cap Company, which sells Major League Baseball caps in New York City.

Vallone says there's a need to protect people who buy gang-themed products because their lives could be in danger if they wear them in the wrong neighborhood.