WFP Presses Lawmakers Undecided Over Term Limits

Some City Council members may find their phones ringing off the hook today. The Working Families Party is targeting lawmakers undecided on term limits by blanketing their districts with posters that show their phone numbers.

Jeff Posner was walking in Council member Jessica Lappin's Upper East Side district. He says Bloomberg's time is up.

POSNER: I think eight years is sufficient and having a change of management in any company is good. And he did a wonderful job, and I'd like to see him as governor or senator or something. But no, not another term.

REPORTER: Lisa Cally, though, supports Bloomberg's bid to legislatively extend term limits.

CALLY: I think he should run for a third, yes, and if they have to implement a new law, let them implement a new law. I think he was terrific for the city.

REPORTER: Twenty Council members say they're against Mayor Bloomberg's bill to extend term limits through a council vote. They want the question put to voters, who've twice voted for term limits. Fifteen remain undecided.

In addition to the Upper East Side, the Working Families Party also hung posters in the districts of Council members David Yassky, Alan Gerson, Peter Vallone Jr., Diana Reyna and Sara Gonzalez.