Term Limits Showdown Vote Scheduled

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has scheduled a vote tomorrow on Mayor Bloomberg's bill to extend term limits for both himself and the city council. Its fate lies in the hands of about a dozen undecided council members. The latest lawmaker to come off the fence and support the mayor's bill is Queens Councilman Peter Vallone Jr.

VALLONE: The decision I have to make is whether to do a referendum now, which would be a special election, which could very well put this government into a state of paralysis for the next six months, which during this budget crisis I can't allow to happen.

REPORTER: Like two thirds of the Council, Vallone has already served two terms and would have to leave office if the law isn't changed. But James Oddo, the Council's Republican Minority Leader, came out against the bill yesterday. He said two days of council hearings is not enough.

ODDO: I would love for guys from Nick's barber shop and Lee's tavern to have a chance to go to a forum on Staten Island, and I think the fact it's not happening is a mistake.

REPORTER: With the term limit extension bill needing 26 Council votes to pass, those publicly opposing it now outnumber supporters 21 to 17. 13 remain undecided, or at least undeclared. WNYC will carry the council vote live tomorrow at wnyc.org.