Activists Protest Hunters Point Housing

Dozens of community activists, clergy and regular people filled a small City Council hearing room today. Many of them criticized the Bloomberg Administration's proposal for Hunters Point South, a mixed-income housing complex planned for the Queens Waterfront.

About three-fifths of the 5,000 apartments are supposed to be targeted to the city's firefighters, teachers and police officers. But Elena Conte of the Pratt Center for Community Development says the rents will be out of reach of what really constitutes the middle class in Queens.

CONTE: "The reality when you look at the income requirements for the project is that it would exclude 60percent of the borough."

City officials say the affordable units will be priced according to income, but no unit will cost less than 1500 for a three-bedroom. That's $400 more than federal guidelines say a Queens family of four can afford.

The City Council will vote on the project sometime next month. Construction would begin in 2010.