MTA Appoints Managers for Subway Lines

New York City Transit is putting one individual in charge of each of its numbered lines to increase accountability, and hopefully, customer satisfaction.

The transit agency named new line managers that will be in charge of the 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 lines. They are all experienced MTA supervisors. One used to be a former station agent and another worked his way up from being a train operator. The L and No. 7 lines have had line managers since late last year.

New York City Transit President Howard Roberts says the new managers won't get any extra money or personnel, but will be able to make decisions on how to deploy what is already there.

Roberts: They can look at how people are allocated against the schedules as we have done on the 7 and the L, where we might need relief crews or gap trains.

Roberts says the letter subway lines will receive line managers next year.