MTA Seeks Federal Stimulus Fund

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is the latest to join the bread line that's forming outside the U.S. Capitol. New York is facing the worst fiscal crisis in decades. Yesterday, as Gov. Paterson testified before Congress on why New York needs federal stimulus money, transit officials outlined their wish list. The MTA's Chris Boylan.

BOYLAN: If it does include an infrastructure element, we have been talking to key members of Congress not only through the Governor's office but also through our national trade association, and we have given them a laundry list of things we think would be helpful to us.

REPORTER: MTA officials say any money received from the stimulus bill would not close its $900 million budget gap next year. That's because the federal money could only be used for capital projects like rehabilitating stations or painting bridges, not operating expenses. Still, officials say, the money would help create jobs.