Education Advocates Decry Lack of Minority Students in Gifted Programs

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Education advocates are telling the Bloomberg administration, "I told you so." They say they warned education officials that mandating one standardized test across the city would lead to lower minority enrollment in the gifted and talented programs.

Leonie Haimson, of the group "Class Size Matters," says the city needs to go back to the old system where school districts would set standards.

HAIMSON: Kids come in lots of different shapes and sizes, kids come from lots of different backgrounds and the same kid can perform very differently on a different day and so you don't make these decisions based upon these rigid benchmarks.

REPORTER: But a Department of Education spokesman says that method is unfair because there's no consistent standard, and some districts would reflect no diversity in their programs.

The report also showed that overall enrollment in gifted programs dropped by 50 percent.