Job Report

Advocates for low-income New Yorkers are bashing city programs aimed at getting welfare recipients into paying jobs, saying they don't work.

A new report from the group "Community Voices Heard" says only 9 percent of welfare applicants find jobs through the programs...and 75 percent lose them after six months.

Janet Rivera of East Harlem says at her Back To Work program, people searched for jobs on the internet without help from staff.

RIVERA: They don't tell you anything. They sit you in a room and they say they'll get back to you but if you're not on top of things either they don't. There's no organization in the program.

REPORTER: The city strongly disputes the findings and says the report counts people who apply for welfare, but never show up for a job program. Officials say it places 24 percent of applicants in jobs, and 70 percent keep those jobs.