Ballot Counting Continues in Queens Senate Race

Alaska and Minnesota are not the only sites for senatorial recounts. Election workers are still pouring over ballots in a too-close-to-call state senate race in Queens. WNYC’s Fred Mogul has more.

REPORTER: After double-checking the machine votes over the course of the last week, about 500 ballots separate 18-term Republican incumbent Frank Padavan from City Councilman Jim Gennaro, the Democratic challenger. Yesterday, the hand count of some 8,000 absentee and provisional ballots got underway. Padavan's district spans northeast Queens, and he's one of the last Republican legislators in the five boroughs. Democrats already eked out a narrow, 33-to-29 takeover of the senate on Election Day. But three conservative Democrats have yet to commit to a majority leader, meaning Democratic control is not assured. A win by Councilman Gennaro would likely give Democrats a safe enough margin to choose a senate majority leader and take the reins of all committees. For WNYC, I’m Fred Mogul.