NY Food Pantries See Increase in Hungry

The number of New Yorkers seeking food at pantries and soup kitchens jumped 28 percent this year, compared to last year, according to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. The group says this uptick was a further increase from last year's survey, which found a 20 percent hike in demand. The coalition's executive director, Joel Berg, says the financial crisis on Wall Street means the upward trend will continue in the coming year.

BERG: It's not the stock broker but it might be the receptionist. It might be the person who drove the limos. It might be the security guard at night. And that's who's going hungry in New York.

REPORTER: Even as demand is rising, funding is being slashed. The coalition says 72 percent of food providers surveyed reported a decrease in government money and food in the past year up from 51 percent the year before.