Seating the Mayor at the New Yankees Stadium

Hundreds of pages of e-mails, made public over the holiday weekend, are detailing the Bloomberg Administration's efforts to secure the free use of a a luxury suite at the new Yankee Stadium.

The Mayor's press office originally said in July that the Bloomberg administration had not decided whether it would accept the box.

But the e-mails show that back in early 2006, no fewer than four different city departments or agencies were fighting for more than six months to get the suite included in the stadium's lease.

In return for the luxury box, the city finally gave the Yankees an extra 250 parking spaces and the use of three billboards.

City Hall spokesman Andrew Brent says administration officials could not have been seeking any personal benefit since at the time of the negotiations, they assumed they would only have been in office to see one full season.

For WNYC, I'm Matthew Schuerman.