Bagging the Habit

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A bill creating a statewide plastic bag recycling program in New York is now on Governor Paterson's desk and New York City's council is urging the governor to reject it.

Speaker Christine Quinn says the bill would undercut the city's own fledgling plastic bag recycling program. Queens councilman Peter Vallone Junior says the city's law is better.

VALLONE: We've got a real bill that effcts not just stores of 10,000 feet but 5,000 feet, that mandates recycling all sorts of plastic not just bags, that has actual envorcement of hundreds of dollars a day, as opposed to the state enforcement that is almost non-exhistent. It's a real bill that will result in a cleaner environment. Albany's bill is garbage.

REPORTER: The council wants the city exempted from the state bill. No comment yet from Governor Paterson's office.

He has until December 11th to take action on the bill, or it automatically becomes law.