Judge Sotomayor Speaks: A Recap of Day Two

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Yesterday U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor faced a full day of questioning from senators. The Hispanic nominee was grilled on her past decisions, her judicial philosophy, and her now infamous "wise Latina" statement. The Takeaway's Washington Correspondent Todd Zwillich was there for it all. He joins us with all the highlights of Day Two and a look ahead at Day Three of the Senate confirmation hearings.

"Even Lindsey Graham who came at her has, of course, famously now said, 'Unless you have a meltdown, you're going to be confirmed.' And it did appear to a lot of people in the room that he was turning up the heat to see if he could cause the meltdown after he said that."
—Todd Zwillich on Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings