Investigating School Safety Officers

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The New York Civil Liberties Union is calling for an investigation into allegations of excessive force by school safety officers in a Queens high school.

About a dozen students from Hillcrest High School have come forward claiming they've been threatened and assaulted by the agents.

NYCLU's Donna Leiberman says the mayor needs to make sure public schools are safe for the city's children:

LIEBERMAN: When kids go to school and have to worry about their safety not from hooligans who are their own age but from people who are charged with protecting them, then Mayor Bloomberg has a problem and if he wants to have control of the schools he needs to has to have control of its problems as well.

REPORTER: A 16-year-old student named Rohan Morgan alleges he was beaten and assaulted by school safety officers and filed a personal injury claim against the city in August.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education declined to comment on pending litigation.