Student Files Suit Against School Guards in Queens

The New York Civil Liberties Union is calling for an investigation into allegations of excessive force by school safety officers in a Queens high school.

REPORTER: About a dozen students from Hillcrest High School have come forward claiming they've been threatened and assaulted by the agents. NYCLU's Donna Leiberman:

LIEBERMAN: When kids go to school and have to worry about their safety - not from hooligans who are their own age but from people who are charged with protecting them - then Mayor Bloomberg has a problem and if he wants to have control of the schools he needs to has to have control of its problems as well.

REPORTER: 16-year-old student Rohan Morgan alleges he was beaten and assaulted by school safety officers and filed a personal injury claim against the city in August.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education declined to comment on pending litigation.

The NYPD says a Hillcrest student was restrained and taken for a psychiatric evaluation in July after pushing and striking a safety agent who tried to escort him out of the school for carrying a cell phone.