Day in Court

The case of a Pakistani immigrant who was held in solitary confinement in a Brooklyn prison after the September 11th attacks reached the Supreme Court.

His lawyers and the government will argue over whether then Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller have to give testimony about policy decisions that allegedly led to physical and psychological abuses at the prison.

They claim immunity. Back in 2003, WNYC's Marianne McCune met Javaid Iqbal in Pakistan upon his release from prison. At the time, he said he was speaking out to get answers for himself and for the public.

IQBAL: None of us was involved in hijacking the planes, terrorist attack, nothing. What did we do? What did I do? Maybe some day I get the answer from maybe the U.S., from somebody. Somebody come up with the answer. The why.

REPORTER: A report from the Justice Department's own Inspector General backed up many of Iqbal's and other detainee's claims.

Several prison officials were punished or fired after the report was released.