City Bus Security Camera Plan Stalled

Even before a bus driver was fatally stabbed over a fare dispute in Brooklyn this month, New York City was trying to install security cameras in buses.

But those cameras didn't work very well and the transit system has canceled the contract.

Bus division head Joseph Smith, says the system failed to download the video from the cameras to the bus depots.

SMITH: It would freeze and we weren't able to wireless transmit the data or it could lose the whole day.

REPORTER: The camera installation started in 2006, when NYC Transit awarded a $5 million contract to Integrian, a North Carolina company.

Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges wouldn't say how much the city has spent on the cameras.

He says since Integrian is going out of business, he's not sure if the company will return any money to the city.

Integrian has not responded to requests for comment.