City Day Care Workers Get Pay Raises

After being threatened by the state, New York City has agreed to give pay raises to about 27,000 daycare workers.

The daycare workers make on average $19,000 a year and care for the kids of low income parents who are getting their childcare subsidized.

About half a billion dollars in funding comes from the state and federal government and last week, the state threatened to pull the money if the city did not make good on the raises by the end of the month.

The Administration for Children's Services administers subsidized daycare and commissioner Johh Mattingly had argued the agency would have to cut childcare for more than 6,000 kids to pay for the raises.

Now the two sides say they're working things out. The state says it will give ACS longer to present a timeline by which it will comply with the raises.

It's given the agency about $27 million but the raises are expected to cost more than $50 million. ACS could not say how it'll come up with the extra money.

For WNYC, I'm Cindy Rodriguez.