More Families Seek Shelter as Recession Deepens

The Coalition for the Homeless says the number of homeless families hit a record high last month, with 9,700 seeking shelter.

As of last week, the city reported more than 15,000 children were staying in shelters.

Susan Barnes, principal of P-S 112 in the Northeast Bronx, says she's seen a rising number of homeless children in her elementary school, with about three or four each year. She says the school tries to help them out with extra services.

BARNES: Definitely making sure the after school services are there provided for them, also that we make sure that they receive additional supports as far as homework help. A lot of donations are given for those parents.

REPORTER: Barnes says all three homeless families with children in her school this fall found shelter just before the holidays.

But with 98% of her students receiving free or reduced price lunch, she worries the recession may cause more families to lose their homes.