Mayor: Wait and See About Party Affiliation

Mayor Bloomberg insists he hasn't decided what party line he'll run on, even as he's hired a top Democratic consultant to help him win a third term in office. WNYC's Beth Fertig reports.

REPORTER: Bloomberg says he hasn't talked about switching parties. The Democrat turned Republican turned Independent says he'll focus on the issue next summer. While visiting a Christmas Eve meal for the homeless, he downplayed reporters' questions about his previous differences with his new consultant, Howard Wolfson.

BLOOMBERG: You know I think he said it very well. Doesn't agree with me on everything, didn't agree before, is convinced that the country and the city, the city would be better off if I got elected.

REPORTER: Wolfson has worked for both Senators Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton and once called Bloomberg "an out-of-touch billionaire." Bloomberg's party affiliation has created an awkward situation for Democrat Caroline Kennedy now that he's supporting her to replace Clinton, who's been tapped for Secretary of State. Kennedy at first declined to say if she'd support a Democrat for mayor, but then said she intends to. For WNYC I'm Beth Fertig.