Restaurant Offers Free Holiday Meals

REPORTER: An Asbury Park, New Jersey restaurant has opened its doors for Christmas, offering free food and activities to anyone who drops in. Marilyn Schlossback owns Langosta Lounge on the boardwalk. She says it's not a soup kitchen, so much as an opportunity for people to find community on Christmas.

SCHLOSSBACK: I wanted to do something that was way out of the norm that was an experience more than just getting fed but being able to come and enjoy the day like anybody else on the planet, and to have people serve you and have a beautiful environment and music and presents and, it's just really special.

REPORTER: Schlossback says she started offering free food at her restaurant on major holidays, after losing her parents a few years ago. She says a hundred volunteers came to Langosta today to help serve about 1200 people who've come through the doors.