Bloomberg Defends Israel

Mayor Bloomberg says he supports Israel in its response to Hamas and that if the U.S., or New York City, were faced with similar deadly attacks, it would react the same way. He dismisses the criticism that Israel's use of force is disproportionate.

BLOOMBERG: If you're attacked in this city, my instructions to Ray Kelly and NYPD are to use everything we have at our command to protect you and your family. There's no such a thing as a measured response to terrorism. Period.

The mayor appeared today with the Israeli consul general at City Hall. Israel's prime minister, defense minister and foreign minister are meeting to decide on Israel's next move in its offensive against Hamas. Officials say one of the proposals they're considering is a temporary cease-fire. However, they're also taking more steps to prepare for a ground offensive.

CORRECTION: Due to a transcription error, the word "no" was dropped from Mayor Bloomberg's quote above, misstating his opinion on responses to terrorism. The story aired correctly on WNYC Radio, and has been corrected here.