NY National Guard Soldiers Return Home

Nearly 150 New York National Guard soldiers returned to the city today after serving in Afghanistan for 10 months. They're part of the 27th Brigade Combat Team of the Guard, and their mission was to train the Afghan National Army and police.

Twenty-Four year old Sergeant Timothy Turain is excited to be reunited with his mom and fiance, but he's also missed some of the Big Apple's fine cuisine.

TURAIN: Across the street from Radio City there's this guy from Egypt that sells the chicken and rice with white sauce on top if it. And so tonight I plan to go there around two in the morning, skipping the whole line and get that $5 plate of chicken and rice with white sauce - that's what I miss.

REPORTER: Families and loved ones celebrated at homecoming parties this afternoon at Armories in Manhattan and Jamaica, Queens. About 700 National Gurad soldiers have come home to New York since just after Christians.

They're all members of the 27th Infantry Brigade Combat team.