Healthy Compensation for NYC Civil Servants

A new study finds civil servants with six-figure compensation packages are the norm in New York City with firefighters making, on average, $186,000 a year, and police officers, $164,000. The study, by the Citizens Budget Commission, says the average city worker's salary and benefits has ballooned 63 percent since fiscal year 2000. CBC president Carol Kellermann.

KELLERMANN: The pension benefits and health insurance benefits are extremely generous compared to what people in the private sector get. We have very serious financial problems, and something has got to give.

REPORTER: Kellermann says Mayor Bloomberg should press unions for cost-saving concessions and worker contributions to health care premiums in future negotiations. She says state lawmakers should pass a new bill creating a new, less lucrative pension tier for new hires. The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association declined comment, while the firefighter's union did not return a call for comment.