Gov. Corzine Says Global Crisis Hitting NJ

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Governor Corzine says the global financial crisis is taking a toll on New Jersey. During yesterday's State of the State address, he cited a 40 percent jump in demand at community food banks. He said last year alone, some 50,000 households faced foreclosure.

Corzine held out hope for coordination between the incoming Obama Administration and Trenton, especially on global warming and infrastructure upgrades to get the economy back on track.

CORZINE: We must do our part to fight climate change by investing in energy conservation, alternative power, and mass transit and by the way we must flat-out build the new mass transit tunnel between New Jersey and New York -- and we should do it now.

REPORTER: Last fall, the $8.7 billion tunnel plan won final Federal approval. Supporters say it'll double rail capacity across the Hudson, and they're hoping the project makes the incoming Obama Administration's list for expedited funding for infrastructure.