Rumble Over the Bronx

The Yankees and the Bloomberg administration got personal today, verbally attacking a state assemblyman who's been critical of taxpayer support for the team's new stadium.

Yankees President Randy Levine said Westchester Democratic Assemblyman Richard Brodsky's opposition amounted to nothing more than grandstanding.

LEVINE: In a pathetic attempt to seek media attention and to cast a shadow over the last week of games, you issued one of your many reportes, reports that repeat the same lies.

REPORTER: Brodsky called the hearing to attract attention to a city's Industrial Development Agency, which is scheduled to vote Friday on the team's request for $370 million in additional tax-free financing for the stadium. Brodsky remained cool throughout the hearing,

BRODSKY: My silence on any matter here is by no means agreement with either the facts that you allege which I think are not correct.

REPORTER: The IDA will hold its own public hearing on the bond request tomorrow morning. The new stadium has already received $500 million in city and state subsidies.