Both Engines Missing from Plane in Hudson Crash

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Both engines are missing from US Airways Flight 1549, which made an emergency landing in the Hudson River yesterday. Kitty Higgins is with the National Transportation Safety Board.

HIGGINS: We could see that the left engine was not attached as the plane was pulled into its current location. The divers were able to tell us that the right engine was no longer there.

REPORTER: Higgins says the city's police department, and the army corps of engineers are using sonar now trying to locate the engines. As for the plane's black box, Higgins says investigators won't get to that until the plane is taken out of the water. It's currently anchored near Battery Park City. Higgins says investigators hope to lift the plane out, in one piece, tomorrow morning. She says tomorrow is also when the pilot is to be interviewed. She says the cabin crew and air traffic controllers are talking to investigators now. The plane's engines apparently failed after the jet flew into a flock of birds.