Sesame Street Workshop Revives a Classic

Sesame Street Workshop has breathed new life into an old favorite. A revamped Electric Company is set to debut this afternoon, and its core goal, promoting literacy, remains the same.

Cast member Jenny Barber says the new Electric Company is a unique piece of children's programming.

BARBER: We’re silly and we’re crazy but the whole point is to promote literacy and to really engage kids. It has nothing to do with making a quota or making money, selling things. You know what I mean? It’s totally, totally, totally authentic.

REPORTER: The new Electric Company hopes to catch kids attention with engaging story lines, celebrity guests, and hip musical numbers about the joys of reading.

MUSIC: There's two ways to say 'C', and either one is cool to me.

REPORTER: Stay tuned to WNYC for more on the new Electric Company on All Things Considered that's today at 4.